TG Studios will have a 4 pronged approach to its operations.  In order to maximize complete saturation in the entire entertainment market, our studios will contain 4 main divisions. 

1)Film and Television Division

2)Music Production Division

3)Distribution Division

4)Philanthropic Initiatives Division

Film and Television Division

The Film and Television Division will be responsible for the day-to-day production operations for motion picture, television and TG media awareness.  The Executive VP of this department will fully execute the programs and policies of TG Studios as it relates to Film & Television.

Studio quality films will be produced.  We will certainly hit all genres, however, our primary focus will be on family friendly content, which historically brings in the most revenues.

We will produce both scripted and reality type television programming.  At first we will sell this content to already established networks.  Over time, we will endeavor to develop our own TG cable network where we can distribute our content to viewers.

Music Production Division

The Music Production Division will be responsible for the day-to-day production operations for creating musical content.  Some of the content created by the music department can be used in

the soundtracks of our motion pictures and TV shows thus allowing us to cross market.  This division would also handle the scoring of content produced by our Film/TV Division.

Distribution Division

The Distribution Division will be responsible for all distribution processes.  The team will be comprised of the most knowledgeable industry professionals available.  This department will also handle all festival activities.

Philanthropic Indicatives Division

The Philanthropic Indicatives Division will be responsible for community outreach and awareness, The Mentor Program and the awarding of grants in regard to the TG Community.

The Operation

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The Operation
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