TransGen Studios (TG Studios) will be developed as a full time, full service entity that will engage in the production of entertainment content in a diverse capacity and pursue philanthropic endeavors benefiting the underserved TG Community.  TG Studios will become the leading edge in the elevation of the TG Community and individuals by providing a safe professional environment to practice our craft.  This is achieved in four important ways.

1)Production of content such as PSAs and documentaries aimed at raising positive awareness of the TG Community and instructional content for TG individuals.

2)Formation and implementation of a Mentor Program.

3)Formation and implementation of the PG&C Program.

4)Production of mainstream content that will exhibit the capabilities of TG professionals in the Entertainment Industry.

Please note: The use of the words “Transgender Community” is meant to encompass TGs and all those non-TG persons who support our right to exist.

Our main offices and production studios will be located in the Hollywood area, “the entertainment capital of the world.”

The acquisition of a physical plant studio will be comprised of Sound Stages, Camera Department, Lighting and Electrical Department, Art/Set-Dress/Props Department, Production Sound Department, Wardrobe Department, Make-Up Rooms, Edit Bays, Distribution Department, Production Office Space, Production Vehicles for on location shooting, Sound Recording Studios, Screening Room, Full Kitchen for catering, Etc.. It is our intention to create an entertainment infrastructure, one day rivaling Paramount, Universal, Walden Media, etc.  We intend to use as much green technology as we possibly can in order to create the next age in studio construction.

Within 5 years we plan to produce and distribute a minimum of 5 studio quality mainstream motion pictures, television shows and discover & promote several musical artists, etc.

We will also be producing Instructional/Educational programs for the TG Community, Children’s programming, Etc.

Pictures are for representational purposes only

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