A native of Washington, DC, Rachael Rose has been involved with the Theatrical Arts from a very young age.  A Singer, Actress, Pianist, Artist  and  Designer, she has demonstrated great zeal for all things “artsy.”

Following a lengthy Architectural / Construction Management Career, her Love of Entertainment brought her to Hollywood in 2001 initially to build movie sets.

Rachael Rose’s filmmaking began as a Production Designer on numerous Indie projects (H.G. Wells’ War Of The Worlds, Kill The Habit).  She brought her do-what-needs-to-be-done-never-say-die attitude to the set helping to make these Indie films successful.

She has worked on such network shows as Next Food Network Star (Food Network), Summer Camp (USA Network), Mud, Sweat and Gears (BBC) and Dance Moms (Lifetime).

Over the years, Rachael Rose has had the pleasure of working on projects with such notable artists as Henry Winkler, Louis Gosset Jr., Kurtwood Smith, Peter Fonda, Lolita Davidovich, Mira Sorvino, C. Thomas Howell, Jake Busy, and Kiele Sanchez to name a few.

1000's of hours of On-set Production Time allowed her to recognize strong similarities between Management of Construction Projects and the Management of Film Productions.  This awareness gave her the confidence to eventually pursue an added career as a Producer in addition to her continued work as a Production Designer.

Rachael Rose has Gained an Intimate Understanding of the Working Relationships within a Film/TV Production having Participated as a Department head and Producer on Numerous Productions.  Her Life Skills, Knowledge and Artistic Talents allow her to be an Effective Filmmaker.

More recently, Rachael Rose has turned her artistic eye to Videography and Editing.  As a camera person, she has been on varying commercial and music video shoots.  As an editor, she has become quite proficient in Final Cut Pro.

As Producer, “Pretty Twisted” won Best Short Film, Best Director of a Short Film and Best Actress overall at the 2011 New York International Independent Film Festival.

As Executive Producer, The feature film "Kill the Habit" won Best Feature Director at the 2010 LA Femme Film Festival.

In addition, Rachael Rose was an Executive Producer and the Line Producer on the Full Length Vampire Thriller "Last Call Before Sunset" which won an Independent Spirit Award at the 2006 Melbourne Film Festival.

As Executive Producer, the Disturbing Short Thriller "The Marionette” won Best Screenplay at the 2005 Chicago Horror Film Festival beating out a Stephen King Story.



“The Difference Between Fantasy and Reality Is Action”

              - Rachael Rose

“There Are No Problems, Only Opportunities To Show Brilliance”

                - Rachael Rose

“Pretty Twisted”

Rachael Rose Luckey

Rachael Rose’s Filmography Reel

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